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An excerpt reading from Blood on the Walls, a story
in Creepy Haunts Collection: Six Sordid Tales

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  1. You realize your story Mr. Fucking Bothersome in Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 has a racist undercurrent. Let me show you something about Issue Five. It reflected where I grew up because of the International roster and ethnic diverse make up of the roster. Some of them do interact with my friends from the neighborhood as Issue 10 saw a closing author who was a classmate. I saw the death threats for publishing him. There was an InternetBackdraft with my inclusion they wanted me pulled, and if you read about what Rick Warren's son did. This story is that invoking the dialog as my lead author is a psychologist in the U.K. and a Pakistani national. Do not call me a racist either as I grew up in a nonfiction Stepford Suburbia as I written the story that's more frightening than what you wrote in that project Bonnewell.