Thursday, June 12, 2014

Greetings friends 'n fiends. Even though it's "Throwback Thursday" (that internet phenom whereby one tosses up an image or video dating back to a way-back-when time of nostalgically comedic fervor), I'm celebrating this day by making my blog site brand-spanking NEW! And ain't she a spiffy lass now? Please join me in welcoming the new and very much improved U.S.S. Wickedly Written! Remember, she's here for you, so I hope you will visit often. Thank you!

p.s. Today is the LAST DAY that Creepy Haunts Collection: Six Sordid Tales will be available for FREE Kindle download! Don't miss this last opportunity, and please rate and review the book once you've read it. I worked very hard to make it what it is. Thanks again!

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